Zulu Mat Vent Leak Sealer

Zulu Mat
"Stop the Leaks!" 

The Problem: Vent Air Leakage

There is a gap between the ductwork supply can and drywall, where the conditioned air leaks into attics, walls, or basements. Basically, you are paying to heat or cool spaces that don't need to be conditioned.

As much as 15% of the air that should be heating or cooling your home can leak into what should be ‘unconditioned‘ spaces
If registers/vents are ‘closed off’, then even more air is being leaked into those unconditioned spaces.
When the air conditioning or heating system is turned off, dirty – and unconditioned – air leaks into the living spaces through this same gap.
In areas with high humidity, humid air can leak into the conditioned (dryer) living spaces, causing mold around the air register.
"Reduce Duct System Leakage by up to 15%!"

The Solution? Zulu Mat Air Register Seals

Zulu Mat seals are not permanently affixed to the wall. This allows air register to be removed for painting, duct cleaning, or duct testing, and reapplied while maintaining an airtight bond.

  • Pliable Cross linked Polyethylene Foam
  • Non-Toxic
  • Standard Dimensions for most Register sizes
  • Molds to irregular surfaces to stop air leakage

California's title 24 regulations require that residential duct systems have less than 6% total leakage for new construction, and less than 15% total leakage for retrofit installations. Zulu Mat is a cost effective way to increase HERS ratings.

Zulu Mat installation can reduce Total Duct System Leakage by as much as 15%, and is a more effective, less expensive method when compared to caulking or taping