What is Flow-Tech?

FLOW-TECH is a revolutionary NEW product that produces a low frequency signal that is pulsed several thousand times per second and propagates that signal throughout your entire plumbing system. This electromagnetic signal reverses the charge on the minerals that are dissolved in the water. The charge reversal allows the minerals to stay in suspension instead of falling out of suspension when they are heated (like in a water heater) or when pressure increases. Minerals in suspension pass harmlessly through the system and ultimately flow down the drain.

Flow-Tech Improves Your Home Plumbing System and Water Using Appliances Efficiency and Life Expectancy

Water Treatment can solve the problems or concerns you have with your water quality.

Benefits of Flow-Tech:

  • Odor free, great tasting filtered water lends to increased water consumption
    which has health benefits
  • Refilling bottles for on the go consumption saves money and waste
  • Your body is a sponge. When you bathe, your lungs inhale
    the chemicals in the shower steam, so drinking good water isn’t enough


Affordable, Effective, Eco-Friendly Solutions for Great Quality Water.

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