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6 Ways to Get Lower Utility Bills This Winter Econo Air Is Here For You

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The winter months bring tons of enjoyable activities and events, but it can also take a toll on your budget. From holiday lights to staying warm in the middle of harsh weather, many Southern California families have high energy expenses. Couple checking utility bills

Luckily, there are easy ways to cut back your expenses and achieve lower utility bills.

Our experts at Econo Air in Southern California put together a list of ways you can save. Try them out and enjoy lower utility bills this winter season.

  1. Adjust your thermostat. Program your thermostat to lower heating output during hours when you’re asleep or not home. Three to five percent more energy is required when your furnace is set above 68 degrees, so try keeping your home at 68 degrees when you’re at home and awake,  and lower to 55-65 degrees at times when you’re away at work, out of town or sleeping to achieve lower utility bills.
  2. Make sure you only wash when you have full loads. Put off doing laundry until you can run full loads. This will help you save on water heating, water usage, and on heat required for the dryer. You don’t want to do more laundry than actually needed, right? And, don’t forget: clearing out the lint trap after every load can save you up to $34 a year, according to PG&E.
  3. Conduct a home energy audit. A home energy audit can help you see the places where your home is losing energy through leaks, drafts, or products and appliances that use more energy. The assessment can explain how to save the most, including long- and short-term energy-saving possibilities.
  4. Properly seal your leaks. From your HVAC ducts to attics, walls, and windows, there are a number of areas in your home that may be letting cold air seep through. Simply tape heavy plastic over the windows, and add caulk or weatherstripping to seal leaks coming through doors and windows. Contact Econo Air to hear more about sealing your air ducts.
  5. Use LED holiday lights. One of the simplest ways to lower your utility bills is to switch out your older, less efficient holiday lights for LED lights. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LEDs use less energy than incandescent bulbs and can last up to 40 holiday seasons in Southern California.
  6. Install a high-efficiency furnace. If you need a new furnace, think about purchasing an energy-efficient furnace. Some systems can save hundreds of dollars yearly on annual heating bills versus older furnaces. Or, if you’re not quite ready for a replacement, remember to schedule a service visit for your current furnace. An easy tune-up can help you achieve lower utility bills by making it easier for the system to work.

For more information on how you can reduce your utility bills this winter, give Econo Air in Southern California a call at 714-710-1070.

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