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Advanced Zone Control Technology in Brea

Is there anything more frustrating than having only one thermostat to regulate the temperature in your home? If it seems like your whole family is always fighting over the thermostat, Econo Air has the perfect solution. Our premier HVAC company offers advanced zoning control technology in Southern California guaranteed to help you achieve total home comfort.

To learn more about our zoning services, contact our Southern California heating and cooling specialists at (714) 710-1070.

Reliable Home Comfort Solutions

For homes that are larger than 3,000 square feet, a standard HVAC system with one thermostat simply won’t do. With 8 zones, our cutting-edge zoning system is the answer to all of your home comfort problems. It effectively distributes heated and cooled air where it is needed most. Each room is equipped with its own damper and thermostat, allowing you to enjoy individual control over the temperature in all areas of your home. This individual room control not only keeps your family more comfortable but it also prolongs the life of your heating and air conditioning equipment.

Each component of your system works together to increase your energy efficiency and maximize your at-home comfort. Key components of our zoning system include:

  • The M Performance M8: This is the main command center, which has access to and control over the temperature regulation in each room.
  • Wired zone sensor: This sensor monitors the temperature in each room and sends the data to the M8 Control.
  • Wired zone thermostat and sensor: This thermostat is placed in each zone to allow for individual control over the temperature in a room. It also sends data to the M8 Control.
  • Motorized modulating dampers: When a particular zone needs to be heated or cooled, the damper will open to distribute temperature-regulated air to that zone. When it doesn’t need to be heated or cooled, the damper will shut.

Zoning provides you with enhanced comfort, increased energy efficiency, individual control over different areas in your home, and convenience.

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The M8 eight-zone system is something no other company in Southern California offers. Since 1982, Econo Air has been a leader in home comfort solutions. Our team has access to the highest performing, most energy-efficient heating and cooling technology on the market and is proud to deliver total home comfort to the residents in our community. When you install our advanced zoning system in your Brea home, you can save money on your electric bills, extend the life of your HVAC equipment, and enjoy complete control over the different areas in your home.

To install an energy-efficient zoning system in your home, call (714) 710-1070. Our team can also be reached online.

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