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Custom Zoning Systems in Brea

When it comes to total home comfort, no one does it better than Econo Air. In 1982, we were established as the leading heating and air conditioning company in Southern California. We are committed to delivering top-quality, energy-efficient home comfort solutions to homeowners, which is why we are proud to offer advanced zoning technology in Brea. Designed to maximize your home comfort, energy efficiency, and savings, our zoning system is the answer to all of your home comfort problems.

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Addressing All of Your Home Comfort Problems

There is nothing more frustrating than having only one thermostat to control the temperature in your home. Instead of just heating or cooling down the area that you are using, you are forced to waste tons of energy by heating and cooling the entire home. For homes that are 2,000 square feet and up, this can lead to astronomical energy bills and plenty of frustration. Luckily, zoning is the perfect solution for these problems. Through a series of components, our premium zoning system allows you to control the temperature in all areas of your home. Econo Air is the only company in all of Southern California that can handle up to 8 zones. Continue reading to see how each component of our zoning system works to keep your home comfortable.


Motorized dampers are placed in the ductwork for each zone. They respond to the demands of the thermostat in their zone by opening when an area needs to be heated or cooled and closing when it doesn’t.

Zone Thermostats

Each zone is assigned its own thermostat, which enables you to control the heating, cooling, and fan operation in that particular zone. Each thermostat is wired to and sends demands to the dampers and the central control panel.

Central Control Panel

The central control panel is wired to the dampers and thermostats. It receives demands from each of the separate zones and activates your dampers and heating and air conditioning systems accordingly. Once they signal the HVAC systems to turn on, they then send signals to the dampers responsible for the zone that needs to be heated or cooled. That ensures that they open when they need to and distribute the temperature-regulated air to that zone. When each zone’s needs have been met, the central control panel will signal the heater or air conditioner to shut off.

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If you’re ready to stop wasting energy and start enjoying supreme home comfort, reach out to the HVAC specialists at Econo Air. Backed by decades of service experience, you can rest easy knowing our certified technicians have the cutting-edge technology and expertise necessary to keep your home and your family comfortable as can be.

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