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How Can a Tune-up Help Your Air Conditioner During the Summer Months? Econo Air Is Here For You

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Don’t lead into your summer without a planned air conditioner tune-up from an Econo Air technician. We often overlook HVAC maintenance or never give it a sense of urgency, but annual air conditioner tune-ups can help your system run well, keeping you comfortable and cool all summer long. These regular tune-ups do more than just keep you comfortable, too – they are also critical for your comfort and wallet. Tech doing AC tune up

What do tune-ups do for my home?

  • Ensure energy efficiency – Maintenance keeps your air conditioner operating as effectively as possible, therefore keeping your home cozier. Air conditioners are investments that need to constantly be maintained, just like any other investment, to confirm that you are getting all the possible benefits from it.
  • Minimize the need for repairs – These warmer months in Southern California are the nastiest time for an air conditioner to break. With annual system maintenance, you won’t have to worry about breakdowns or maintenance in the middle of the season. Our experts can find signals and pinpoint problems for your air conditioner and notify you long before any issues occur.
  • Lower expenses
    When your air conditioner is working at its peak, you could see a decrease in your energy bills throughout the year.

What will take place during an air conditioner tune-up?

  • Refrigerant charge check – Refrigerant levels need to be perfect for your air conditioner to be working properly. Too little refrigerant can cause extra wear on your system, and too much refrigerant will change how your air cools. Technicians will always examine these levels during an air conditioner service and alter things fittingly.
  • Filter status check – Air conditioner filters should be changed according to the manufacturer’s advice, so the sanitation of your filters will always be inspected during a service visit. Dirty filters make your air conditioner to work harder than it has to and can also cause the air in your home to look and feel muddy.
  • Coil check – Our professionals will inspect that no dust or other particles have gathered on the exterior or inside coils of your system. This dust can make air conditioners to use more energy than necessary and is vital to be cleaned.
  • System Operating Check – Our experts will ensure that all moving parts of the air conditioner are working cohesively together.

Our professionals at Econo Air in Southern California offer excellent and superb air conditioner maintenance, whether it’s just a tune-up or a full-on replacement. They are more than willing to answer any questions you have about your air conditioner at any hour via 714-710-1070 or through a planned appointment online.

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