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The Benefits of a Mini-Split System Econo Air Is Here For You

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Most people have never heard of utilizing a mini-split system as an air conditioning option. Popular in Europe and Asia, mini-split systems are growing in popularity in the United States. Mini-split systems have outdoor and indoor units like a forced central air conditioner, but they don’t require all the ductwork. Occasionally, they even have numerous indoor units. Remote pointing at minisplit system

Choosing a mini-split system for air conditioning helps you design individual sections in your home, each operated by its own thermostat. These areas will allow you to cool only the rooms that are occupied. It’s common for mini-split systems to have the capability of connecting four individual spaces. You will choose how many zones you want in your home depending on how much cooling you need and how well-insulated each room is.

Using a mini-split system for your heating needs as well as your cooling needs is totally doable because they are discreet, condensed, and make your home snug. What’s even better is mini-split systems are incredibly energy-efficient and can help you manage your energy costs while keeping your home comfortable.

When you’ve added a new room to your home, like a sunroom, a mini-split is a great decision. Not only do they run more quietly than a window unit, but they look more suitable in the room because the condensing unit is outside, just like that of a central air conditioner system. They also don’t obstruct natural light as a window unit will. Actually, you may not notice it at all with plenty of unique installation options as well, including having your indoor unit installed in the ceiling.

What you select to meet your air conditioning needs depends on your unique needs and what will work best in your home. We can help you find the best solution. Call us at 714-710-1070 to determine if a mini-split system will work for you. If it’s easier for you, feel free to schedule an appointment with us online.

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