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What to Know When Replacing Your Air Conditioner Econo Air Is Here For You

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What to Know When Replacing Your Air Conditioner

The moment you start to think about air conditioner replacement it’s also important to remember that the choice you’re making now will last you for the next 10-15 years. The experts at Econo Air in Southern California want to help you make the most out of your choice. We have some insightful tips you can keep in mind when the time comes for an air conditioner replacement. AC Unit

Properly Sized System

From buying price to the cost of operation, an inaccurately sized system could cost you in multiple ways. Before choosing a replacement air conditioner you’ll want to set up a time for a professional to determine the load calculation of your home. Back in the day, load calculations were made using an educated guess based on a home’s square footage. Just like all technology, we’ve moved on from those years and now load calculations take into consideration: your home’s foundation, design and color of roofing, window type and location, insulation, and several added items.

Your Replacement Air Conditioner’s SEER Rating

The effectiveness of your system is measured using something called a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. The higher a system’s SEER rating, the less energy is demanded to cool your home, which could equal lower utility bills. There are federally mandated minimum SEER ratings for new air conditioners based on region. While it may seem like picking the highest number would be best, there are some factors to contemplate such as the climate in your location, how often you use your system, and the length of time you’ll be living in your home.

Check for the Duct Damage and Leakage

The air throughout your home is distributed by your ducts. If you’re investing in a new system, there’s no better opportunity for a tech to look and make sure your ducts are in considerable condition and that you won’t be jeopardizing efficiency through leaks. Along with leakage, there are other issues that occur in your ducts that could cause you to lose efficiency such as: if they have any kinks, aren’t large enough, or have any obstructions within them. Your ductwork and their capability to easily move air throughout your home have a major impact on how well your system will perform.

The experts here at Econo Air in Southern California will help you through the entire process of air conditioner replacement and can answer any questions that may arise along the way. We know that a new system is a major investment and we want to be certain you’re making the best decision for your home and budget. If you have any home comfort questions or concerns give us a call at 714-710-1070 or make an appointment with us using our online scheduler.

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