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Air leakage is an annoying waste of energy. The average home has air leakage comparable to a two-foot square window being opened to the outside. This is terribly inefficient. However, you can find and eliminate those drafty places by using a number of methods.

How to Find Air Leaks

Walking around the interior and exterior of your house and inspecting all places where building materials meet is a simple way to find air leaks. For example, corners, electrical outlets, door and window frames, fireplace dampers, attic hatches, cable TV and phone lines, and vents are all areas where air may escape. Visually making sure that these places are sealed properly with caulking and/or weather stripping can help to cut down on air leakage.

Another method is pressurization. Close all windows and exterior doors, and then turn on all exhaust fans that blow air outside. You can also use window fans to suck the air from the house. Next, light an incense stick and hold it in front of any spot where you think there may be a gap. If the smoke moves, then you’ve just found a leak. Holding a damp hand in front of a potential leak can also work as a test. If the air feels cold, then there’s a leak.

How to Eliminate Air Leaks

After you’ve located the leaks in your home, you’ll need to seal them. One method for sealing cracks less than one-quarter inch wide is with caulking. You can get it at most hardware stores and apply it without any experience. First, you’ll have to remove any old caulk that may still be in a crack. You’ll then apply the material with a caulking gun. Pushing the caulk into the crack with a finger or a spoon can help it to better seal. After this, you’ll have to allow the caulk to dry for the length of time indicated on the package.

Another method is to use weather stripping around movable items such as windows and doors. Like caulk, it comes in a wide variety of choices, and selecting the best kind is important. It’s applied by nailing it to the area.

Econo Air in Brea has been a family-owned company serving communities in Southern California for more than three decades. Our professionals can help you to identify and fix air leaks in your home. In addition, we provide air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical services when you need them. Call today for details.

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