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Will Closing Vents in Unused Rooms Save Money? Econo Air Is Here For You

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It stands to reason that you should close all vents in unused rooms to save energy. According to some people, this prevents you from wasting money on heating a space that doesn’t get used. Is this true? To understand this question, you need to know how heating systems work. It may seem so simple to explain this, but it’s actually a little complex.

The Heat Produced by an HVAC System

Whether you are heating a small area or a large one, the heat that your HVAC system produces remains the same. It produces heat based on the setting you indicate on the thermostat. However, this heat spreads to every part of the house regardless of whether you use all the space or not. The result is that there will be an even spread of temperature according to your settings.

What Happens When You Close Vents?

Closing vents will prevent the air from your HVAC system from entering a room. This means that the room will not receive any heat. However, when you look at it closely, you will notice that the AC is still producing the same amount of energy. So, where does this extra energy go? The air is simply pushed to the other spaces because it cannot enter the closed rooms. It will keep being rerouted as long as the machine is on.

So Does Closing Vents Reduce Energy Consumption?

Unfortunately, the fact that the HVAC system is still producing the same amount of air and that this air is being pushed to other places indicates that the machine will only remain constant in its consumption of energy. Therefore, you are not gaining anything by closing the vents. Instead, you should use other energy-saving techniques.

If you are looking for ways to make your AC or furnace more energy-efficient, reach out to the professionals at Econo Air in Brea, CA. Our technicians can help you limit the things that consume more energy. We’ll use modern techniques to inspect your house and give you a detailed report about your consumption. Call us today to learn more about our indoor air quality solutions and other related services.

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