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How to Choose the Right Heating System Econo Air Is Here For You

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Selecting the best way to heat your home may seem like a simple task, but it’s one you should give some thought to. After all, a furnace, HVAC unit, or heat pump is a significant investment. Therefore, it’s safe to assume you’ll want new or replacement heating equipment installed that offers long-term value and dependability. Read on to discover some tips to keep in mind as you choose a heating system.

Consider Your Comfort Needs

Even when you live in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, or Orange County, there will be times when temperatures drop and you’ll need to keep your interior spaces warm. Start by considering what your main comfort needs are. For instance, a heat pump is more versatile since it can heat and cool interchangeably. An efficient gas or electric furnace can also be a good choice if you already have a central or ductless air conditioner.

Consider Your Available Space

Before you narrow down your choices, determine how much space you have for a heating system. Here’s what you’ll need with common heating system options:

  • Furnace: Related ductwork is required, but you won’t need to make space in individual rooms since the furnace itself will be kept out of sight in your basement or utility room.
  • Heat pump: You won’t need ductwork. However, you’ll need space for an outdoor unit and wall-mounted indoor units.
  • Geothermal heat pump: You’ll need sufficient space underground for liquid-filled loops, which absorb or disperse heat.

Consider Your Budget

Sure, the initial costs of a new heating system should be an important consideration. However, be sure to also look at long-term costs as well as the potential for savings. With initial expense, a heat pump is generally the most affordable option, followed by a furnace and a geothermal heat pump. Another possibility is a complete HVAC system that takes care of your heating and cooling needs year-round. Any of these options can offer long-term savings if you choose a system that’s highly efficient and well-made.

If you’re in need of an expert in heating, cooling, and comfort advice in Brea, CA, our NATE-certified technicians are here to help. We can also perform repairs on what you already have and take care of routine maintenance. Contact us at Econo Air today to learn more about our high-quality products and budget-pleasing services.

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