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Heat Pump vs. Furnace Econo Air Is Here For You

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When you need to get a new heating system for your home in Brea, should you go with a heat pump or a furnace? Each type of heating system offers certain pros and cons that you should take into consideration before you make your final decision on a furnace or a heat pump.Family snuggled with blankets on couch in heated home

Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps can offer better energy efficiency compared to furnaces when they’re used in warmer climates. These heating systems use heat from outdoor air to warm up homes rather than using gas or other fossil fuels. Heat pumps in colder climates can be less efficient in winter than furnaces since they use electric strips as a backup if it’s too cold out to heat the air.


Furnaces offer a reliable source of heat as long as they’re well-maintained. Otherwise, you can end up with problems that prevent them from properly heating your home. Heat pumps can’t rely on outdoor air to heat homes when the temperature outside drops low enough. This is usually more of a problem in northern areas. Heat pumps in Brea can typically provide dependable heat during winter.


Furnaces can last for 20 years or more, especially when they’re kept in good condition with regular maintenance. Heat pumps tend to wear out in a shorter amount of time, such as within 15 years. Since the heat and cool homes, they run throughout the year, which increases the amount of wear and tears they endure. Regular maintenance can help ensure that heat pumps are able to reach their expected lifespan.


Heat pumps and furnaces both need routine maintenance in order to operate efficiently and safely. Heat pumps sometimes need maintenance more frequently since they run more often throughout the year, but this usually involves simple tasks, such as cleaning the coils.

Installation Costs

Heat pumps have a higher cost of installation than furnaces. However, the cost of running a furnace can end up being higher year after year due to fuel costs. Running a heat pump generally costs less than running a furnace, depending on electricity rates, which helps offset the higher cost of installation.

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