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Why a Zoning System Might Be the Real MVP In Your Home This Year Econo Air Is Here For You

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A clean hallway in a home to the left of the screen a digital thermostat

When it comes to heating or cooling a home, most homeowners run into the same problem: some spots are always hotter or colder than others. This problem can stem from multiple factors:

  • How many floors your home has
  • Heat’s natural tendency to rise
  • The time of day and the direction of the sun
  • A lack of shade (or too much shade) from trees or other buildings
  • A lack of insulation and air sealing in your home

With all of these challenges in the mix, your HVAC system can have a hard time making your home an even, comfortable temperature—both consistently and without breaking the bank.

That’s where a zoning system (or zone control system) comes into play.

What is a zoning system?

A zoning system uses motors and dampers in your home’s ductwork to send air to particular areas (or zones) in your home. A zone could be a room, hallway, stairwell, etc. Our particular zoning system at Econo Air can deliver air to up to eight zones. You can control each zone separately with a central control panel that receives information from zone thermostats positioned throughout your home.

Is a zoning system worth it?

A zoning system has significant advantages that can benefit many homeowners:

  • You only spend energy heating or cooling a space you’re occupying. Why heat or cool the whole house if your whole family is in the living room, dining room, and kitchen around dinnertime?
  • You’ll put less wear and tear on your HVAC system. With a zoning system, you’ll find that you won’t need your heater and AC to run as often.
  • You can save money. Because you’ll be using less energy to make your home comfortable, you’ll enjoy lower monthly bills. Plus, your HVAC system will run longer than it otherwise would because you’re not relying on it as much.
  • You can create a more comfortable home. For instance, most people in two-story homes find that cooling their home’s sweltering second floor makes their home’s first floor ice-cold. A zoning system can direct all your AC’s air to your second floor—where it’s needed most.

If you’re interested in learning more and seeing if a zoning system is a good fit for your home, please don’t hesitate to contact our Brea HVAC experts at Econo Air: (714) 710-1070.