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What Are My Energy Solution Options? Econo Air Is Here For You

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No one wants to be uncomfortable in their own home, but sometimes it feels like we have to shell out a lot of money to make that happen. Luckily, that’s not always the case! In this blog, we’ll discuss ways to save money while being energy efficient and comfortable at home.

Energy-Efficient Options

Paying too much to be comfortable in our homes and sacrificing energy-efficient options are issues nobody should have to deal with. The following are ways you can bring intelligent and eco-friendly solutions to your home without sacrificing your wallet.

Alternative Energy Source

Did you know that homes in California can qualify to receive a 26% federal tax credit if they upgrade to more energy-efficient systems, including solar power systems? Investing in solar panels allows you to produce your own electricity and reduce your reliance on traditional sources. It also helps reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, thus being way more beneficial for the environment.

You can also use solar in tandem with traditional heating systems to help heat your home and reduce your monthly costs. Our team can help bring the M Performance Solar Hybrid System to your home.

Living Off The Grid

“Living off the grid” can sound very intimidating, but it is something you can do in your current home! By installing solar panels, an at-home generator, or energy-efficient appliances, you can power your house without worrying about connecting to the city grid. While it’s a heavy investment up top, you’ll see a decrease in your monthly utility bills for years to come.

Home Comfort Experts in Brea, CA

At Econo Air, we’re determined to help you know all of your energy solution options. We understand no two homes or families are the same, which is why our team of experts handles each job with precision, knowledge, and care to ensure you are taken care of. We offer many customized solutions to help you sustain an energy-efficient, low-cost home. You should never have to sacrifice home comfort because of money, and we want to be the team to help you.

For all of your home comfort needs and questions, contact Econo Air at (714) 710-1070!

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