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How Flooding Can Affect Home Comfort Econo Air Is Here For You

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We’ve recently seen a large amount of rainfall in California. If your home is at risk of flooding, you know how devastating it can be to have your life and property destroyed by a rising tide. Flooding can put your entire family in danger, and cause significant damage to the foundation of your home, leaving it vulnerable for future destruction. In this blog we will discuss the dangers that come with a flooding event, as well as ways you can protect your home from water damage.


When heavy rainfall leads to flooding, it can mean serious trouble for your home's HVAC system. Flood waters can damage or destroy air conditioning units and heating systems, leading to costly repairs or replacements. The moisture from flooding can also seep into fan motors and electrical components, causing them to malfunction or fail completely. Taking steps to prevent water damage is important to protect your home’s HVAC system.

Installing a sump pump with a battery backup is usually the easiest solution. It will keep excess water away from units located in vulnerable areas of your home, like the garage. You should also inspect your house for possible sources of water intrusion, such as loose roof tiles or mortar around foundation walls, and contact a professional to address any issues. Finally, consider elevating your main HVAC unit off the ground if you live in an area prone to flooding.


Flooding in a home presents many dangers, not least of which is the danger it can cause to your electrical system. When rooms of a home become flooded with water, it may come into contact with the wiring and puts homeowners are risk for electrocution. To protect your electrical systems from floods, make sure all sockets and switches in each room are mounted above ground level and check doorways for any open spaces where water can enter.

Additionally, use a smart outlet that will shut off electricity as an extra precautionary measure if flooding occurs. If flooding does happen, immediately turn off power at the circuit breaker panel and call us an electrician or flood emergency specialist right away - only try to touch or repair something once it's been deemed safe by a professional.


If flooding from heavy rainfall occurs, it can cause water contamination and bacterial growth in pipes, while also damaging sewage systems. Flooding may even increase the likelihood of pipe rupture or breakage, leading to a much larger repair bill than if preventive measures had been taken. To try and prevent this sort of damage caused by heavy rain, you should inspect your property often for weak spots and seal any leaks or cracks that you notice.

Additionally, if possible, add extra insulation around parts of exposed piping to further protect them from cold weather and other extreme elements that can be brought on by storms. In conclusion, taking proactive steps now will prevent extensive and costly damage down the road due to flooding from heavy rainfalls.

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