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What to Do When the Heat Goes Out Econo Air Is Here For You

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Call it Murphy’s Law, or maybe just a little misfortune, but we sometimes see heat pump troubles in Southern California during the wintertime, when you most depend on your heating system to keep you comfortable. While you know the team at Econo Air will always be there ASAP when you ask for us for a heat pump repair, there are some things you can do to confirm that a repair is important and save yourself some money if it’s not. We’ve compiled this checklist of things to try before you give us a call. Man adjusting thermostat

  1. It may sound silly, but make sure everything is turned “on”. We’ve been to more than a few calls only to realize the thermostat or the heat pump itself is switched off.
  • Is the thermostat turned to heat? If yes, increase the temperature by five degrees to test if it kicks on.
  • If everything looks accurate, test your heat pump switch (if it has one) and test the fuses and circuit breaker that guard the extra heating element (if it has one).
  • If the heat pump still hasn’t turned on, go back to your thermostat.
  • Try changing the battery, if it has one.
  • Is a blockage causing your heat pump to breakdown?
  • Inspect your air filters inside your air handler to confirm they’re not jamming things up.
  • Are your room heating registers open and clear?

If you’ve moved through this checklist and you still need a heat pump fix, call Econo Air at 714-710-1070 or arrange an appointment online and we’ll return your home back to the welcoming and cozy place you expect this time of year.

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